Lost Dreams

Battered wife

I’m standing looking in the mirror
She’s not there anymore I fear…
The young girl with the dreams
Of first kiss, being loved, many things…
Meeting him, love at first sight,
Being kissed under the star light…
Weekend nights shared partying with friends
Disagreeing with boyfriend, then making amends…
Finally getting license, then first car
Getting job, money to drive afar…
Learning about nature, traveling the earth
Learn to skydive, even to surf…
Smiling and laughing, planning dream wedding,
Exchanging vows at the perfect setting…
News of baby brings such happiness 
Doesn’t mind body changes, hair a mess…
Comforted in her husbands devoted love
Feeling she’s blessed from heaven above…
That’s not me, not my life
Instead I became a battered wife…


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